DMF free and salt free Black colorants Jul 10, 2020
Are you looking for a black colorant have excellent transparency?
Does the black colorant you currently use contain DMF and salt?
We have below three new developing black nano pigment pastes, they have good solubility in MEK and anhydrous ethanol.
They have high transparency (particle size is nano grade), good filterability (salt free) and halogen free. 
Due to DMF free the quality is without the label "H360".
Item C.I. Number Solvent Particle Size Pigment Content Remark
Nasol Black 809P PBk 7 PMA 100±30 nm 22%

High concentration

For inkjet inks

Nasol Black 800P PBk 7 PMA 50±10 nm 18%


Excellent transparency

Nasol Black 801P PBk 7 PMA 100±30 nm 12%

Good Transparency

Industrial use

Nasol Black 801R PBk 7 Anone <500nm 30%

Industrial use

Best price and better tramsparency

100±30 nm