Company Profile

Kelly Chemical Corporation was established in 1965 and initially begun as a producer of specialty colorants. Today Kelly Chemical Corp. is a manufacturer and distributor, consisting of an Export Arm in Colorants and Functional Resins as well as an Import Arm in additives, surface technology and specialty chemicals.

Our philosophy of Honesty, Innovation and Speed coupled with our mission "To be total solution supplier of specialty chemicals through technical expertise and quality management" has been successfully helping the company to enjoy good reputation in the industries we serve. Today Kelly Chemical Group consists of 7 manufacturing facilities, 14 sales offices, 3 application laboratories, all strategically located throughout China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand (Asia 4 markets). Moreover, our export arm has access to more than 40 strong worldwide sales networks.

Serving Industries:
Paint, Ink, Adhesives, Plastic, Latex, Construction, Wood Coating, Surface Treatment, Electronics, Packages, Electroless Nickel and the many other niche areas.

Product Line:
Colorants, Functional Additives, Emulsion Waxes, Specialty Binders, Plating Chemicals, Electronic Chemicals, Cleaner and Water Treatment Chemicals.