The Ultimate Luxury Black Coating Solution: NAVEL 8663S - The Next Generation Carbon Black Colorant Mar 26, 2024

Discover NAVEL Black 8663S, a revolutionary colorant for luxury coatings. Its nanosized ORION FW 200 ultra carbon black pre-dispersion offers unparalleled brilliance and transparency, replacing outdated alternatives like Predisol Black 7.


Upgrade your coatings with NAVEL Black 8663S, a high-performance colorant solution. Say goodbye to traditional dye problems and hello to enhanced physical properties, color retention, and resistance. Ideal for automotive, plastic, metallic, and wood coatings, as well as outdoor printing inks.


NAVEL stands as our premier colorant product, blending NANO and NOVEL concepts. It delivers exceptional physical properties, superior transparency, and heightened tinting strength, saturation, and brightness. With a streamlined process that eliminates complex grinding and dispersing, NAVEL ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness.





  • Best transparency
  • Ease of dispersion
  • Good compatibility
  • No additives
  • Highest Jet black
  • Saving cost