Solving Light Fastness and Color Bleeding Issues - NASOL Nano Pigment Pastes for Metallic Yarn May 24, 2023

The major issue of using solvent dyes in metal yarns is their poor lightfastness and washfastness.
They can result in color fading, bleeding, and uneven distribution.
In contrast, NASOL nano pigment pastes offer superior color fastness and prevent color bleeding and fading in metal yarns.


NASOL nano pigment pastes consist of nanosized pigments that are pre-dispersed in PMA.
They exhibit excellent fastness properties, comparable to traditional pigments, and provide dye-like transparency and easy dispersion.

  • Heat fastness : >220°C
  • Light fastness : 8


By using NASOL nano pigment pastes, you can achieve enhanced color durability and maintain vibrant and stable colors in metal yarns.