Nanoscale Pigments in HDDA for UV Inkjet Ink - NASOL U-series May 12, 2023

UV inkjet ink is a type of ink that hardens rapidly when exposed to UV light, unlike traditional inkjet inks that dry through evaporation. It is commonly used for printing on plastics, metals, film, and glass, making it suitable for packaging, wall coverings, product identification labels, phone cases, and outdoor displays.


NASOL U-series is a line of nano pigment pastes that consist of nanometer-sized pigment particles that are well dispersed in a 1,6-Hexanediol diacrylate (HDDA) carrier. The HDDA carrier helps improve the dispersion and stability of the pigments in UV systems.


NASOL U-series CMYK and white are available.


NASOL U-series offers the following benefits:

  • Compatibility with most UV ink systems: NASOL U-series only includes pigment, dispersing agent, and HDDA, ensuring stability and avoiding unwanted reactions.
  • Nanoscale particle size: The pigment particles are nanoscale, meaning they do not clog the printer nozzle.
  • Color stability: The pigments used in NASOL U-series are stable and resistant to heat, light, and humidity, without fading or yellowing over time.
  • Ease of dispersion: NASOL U-series has good dispersion in HDDA, making them easy to disperse in UV inkjet ink systems. They do not require high shear or long mixing times to achieve uniform dispersion.
NASOL U-series CMYK and white are available.