Dye-Like Transparency with NAVEL nano pigment chips Oct 31, 2023

NAVEL offers not just color, but a new level of depth and vibrancy that can transform any project. We provide two particularly remarkable pigments: PR-179 NAVEL 3735 and PBk-7 NAVEL 8663S.


The Distinct Bluish-Red Hue of PR-179 NAVEL 3735


Our PR-179 NAVEL 3735 pigment offers a distinct bluish-red hue that's unlike anything you've seen before. Its dye-like transparency allows it to blend seamlessly with other colors while maintaining its unique color profile. This pigment is perfect for artists who want to add a touch of uniqueness to their creations.


The Highest Jetness of PBk-7 NAVEL 8663S


If black is your color of choice, then our PBk-7 NAVEL 8663S pigment is for you. This pigment offers the highest jetness available in the market, providing a deep, rich black that can add depth and contrast to your artworks. Its nano pigment chips ensure an even distribution of color, making it easy to achieve the perfect shade every time.


  • Vibrant Hues: NAVEL's selected high-performance pigments provide outstanding fastness in all aspects, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting colors.
  • Simplified Mixing: Effortlessly blend NAVEL pigments with solvents, eliminating the need for lengthy grinding processes.
  • Smart Storage: NAVEL's chip form resolves transportation and storage issues, making colorant management hassle-free.