Functional primer
Product Name
Main property
Features / Advantage
Water-Based polyethylene Emulsion
• As a water and oil barrier on porous substrates
• As heat-seal adhesive
• As a primer for PET and OPP films to improve bonding with followed coatings
• As adhesion prompter in water-based ink and coating systems
MF 3510
Michem® Flex R1924
Michem® Flex R1924 is used as a topcoat to improve the adhesion and receptivity of UV cured inks and coatings to the substrate. It has good chemical resistance and is suitable for label product for a wide variety of products where chemical resistance will be important.
Primer for UV ink
Michem® Flex P2300
Michem® Flex P2300 is a primer for film, metalized film, printed film, and paper substrates to promote excellent adhesion to extrusion coated resins resulting in high bond strength for dry and low moisture contents. Creates very strong adhesion between treated film and PE extrudate. It may also be used on film substrates to promote adhesion to liquid top coats.
1. Primer for ink/adhesvie
2. Extrusion coating
Michem® Flex P1852
Michem® Flex P1852 is a primer for film, metal and paper substrates to promote superior adhesion to extrusion coated resins. This product exhibits weatherability, water and chemical resistance to many aggressive package contents such as water, oils, flavors and fragrances. This product is also suitable for resins extruded at low temperatures.
1. PVDC coating
2. Extrusion coating