MVTR barrier coating
Product Name
Main property
Features / Advantage
VaporCoat® 2200R
VaporCoat® 2200R is a coating which provides water and grease resistance and excellent MVTR properties on kraft liner and other substrates. When properly applied over a base coat, this repulpable coating is recommended as a replacement for some curtain coating applications, poly-laminated board and plastic bags.
1. Frozen food package
2. Sea food package
3. Oil food package
VaporCoat® 330C
VaporCoat® 330C is a repulpable, printable and cold set gluable moisture vapor coating. Common uses for VaporCoat® 330C include roll wrap, produce boxes, poultry boxes and anywhere packaged goods require protection from water and or moisture vapor.
1. Frozen food package
2. Sea food package